PES Tips and Tricks 2018-2019

Who is not familiar with this game, especially soccer fans in the world, game/ps, everyone knows. In every rental or rental place PS there must be this PES game, I also like this PES game as an alternative to WE ball games.

And just the following are the Tricks and also the technique of playing on PES 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 so that they are more pro and good at playing PES such as grinding ball techniques in the green field.

Tips and PES PS2 Tricks

Crossing techniques at PES

  • Primary feed, press X.
  • Primary Breakthrough Feed, Press Triangle.
  • Stomach Breakthrough Feed, Press Segments and L1 simultaneously
  • High Hull Bait. Press the O button once.
  • Medium stomach feed. Press the O button twice.
  • Horizontal Hull Bait. Okay, ten times three times.

Dribble Technique in PES

  • Rainbow Flick: Press and hold L2, and press analogue right two times
  • Diagonal bounce: Press and hold L2, point the right analogue to the left and the left analogue to the right up
  • Heel chop: Press and hold L2, look the right analogue up and left analogue up
  • Backshell Feint: Press and hold L2, turn 1/4 right analogue circle from left to up and left analogue downwards
  • Ball roll 1: Press and hold L2, point the right analogue down
  • Ball roll 2: Press and hold L2, point the right analogue down then up
  • Front Flick: Press and hold L2, press the right analogue and left analogue direction to the top left.

Freekick / Kick Free technique on PES

  • Press L1 and R1 simultaneously.
  • Look at the kicker statistics, the more stars and the high numbers, the better the kick results point the kick then press up and L1 then the box before kicking (when the bar still appears) press the triangle then the ball will slide swiftly towards the top corner.
  • Point the kick then press down and L1 then the box before kicking (when the bar still appears) press X then the ball will slide swiftly downwards.
  • Press and hold the down button, then press the box button with the power gauge around 60%, immediately release the button down then change the X + direction button, and the ball will dip.

Penalty Technique at PES

  • In this position, we press the box button (immediately released,) then wait for a while until the player moves closer to the ball.
  • After the player is in a position near the ball, we push the button up / down by pressing it until the player kicks the ball.

Additional techniques at PES

  • Back skill press L2 and then press R3 (right analogue) twice
  • One-two while running press L1 and X before accepting the ball press the triangle while running press L1 and X before receiving the ball press the box (the ball is slightly lifted).
  • Fool the enemy press L1 twice.
  • Avoiding tackling press R2.
  • Avoiding enemies while avoiding always press R2 and combine with L2.
  • Super Cancel – to change the direction of running the default player press R1 and R2 simultaneously then point the player to the ball.
  • For the kicker to be two people how to press L1 and R1, and to pass to the kicker both press L1 and X.
  • Bringing the ball and shadowing the opponent always varies R1 and L2
    The formation should use a 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 formation or formation according to the team’s original character.

Techniques for Locking Enemies in PES

At the time of setting up our Formation is to modify man.

  • R2 + X sets the PRESS ZONE
  • R2 + BOX setting CB OVERLAP
  • R2 + SEGITIGA A / B Formation settings (you should use a defensive formation)
  • R2 + O Center attack / Counterattack settings
  • Enter the setting strategy, select the upper A, below B to attack & defend and the Offside trap.
  • Enter the match directly press R1 R1 R2 L2 L1 L1 R1 + TRIGGER + X.

Your Defense Line will be more robust and challenging to break down against the PES PS2 Tips and Tricks this time.