PS2 SmackDown Pain Cheat

SmackDown Pain PS2 | Code / Password PS 2 Smackdown Pain, especially for those of you who often use Rey Mysterio, is pleased to get here because there is a cheat. Let ‘s look at the way below:

Smackdown Pain PS2 cheat

Easy Win (Rey Mysterio)
Down + Round, Right + Round, Triangle, X +

Cheat Box Opens All Characters Hold
L1 + R1 + Round + Triangle then press R3 and L3 then complete the enemy.

Win KO
Press Down, X, R1, R2 ( Make sure the KO feature is activated ) Special

PS2 SmackDown Pain Tips and Tricks Hold down / left or down / right and press the attack button. It will be effortless for you to do specials (L1). This also works for all players. Do the meals that enemies have to hold L2 and then press L1 Ways to Get Special Special Often.

Drop the referee by walking to him (can by tackle) then go outside the ring and take the bench under the collar. Turn back to the ring or wait for the enemy to approach you. Then press X + Right continuously while hitting the enemy stomach.

Keep doing this, and you will get specials very quickly. Besides this trick will also make the injury quite dangerous. Be sure to remove the bench when the referee is awake, or you will be disqualified.