Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 PS2

To unlock all characters and passwords to unlock each character automatically in the game Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Game automatically (except Hyuuga Hanabi and 4Th Hokage Yondaime)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 PS2

cheat How to activate the cheat

 Enter the code below while in the game on the Main Menu

Do and enter the following code according to the instructions in sequence

  • Hold R1 + R2 simultaneously then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
  • Then, Hold L1 + L2 together then press: Right, Up, Right, Up.
  • Finally, press L3 + R3 (analogue stick) simultaneously.

If successful there will be a sound and all characters will be open and ready to use. Opening Characters (More) Here are more characters that you can unlock the game with, along with the ps method, each character can unlock the key Anbu Kakashi – Finish Ultimate Road ~ Anko Mitarashi – Beat her in Ultimate Road ~ Asuma Sarutobi – Beat him in Ultimate Road ~ Hanabi Hyuuga – Date her in Ultimate Road ~ Kurenai Yuhi – Beat her in Ultimate Road ~ Taijutsu Naruto – Finish Ultimate Road ~ The characters listed below can be unlocked by completing missions in the Game. Following is a list of inner missions

Story Mode

Gaara - Chapter 2, Mission 7 
Haku - Chapter 1, Mission 2 
Hoshigaki Kisame - Chapter 3, Mission 8 
Jiraiya - Chapter 3, Mission 9 
Kankuro - Chapter 2, Mission 7 
Momochi Zabuza - Chapter 1, Mission 3
Orochimaru - Chapter 2, Mission 6 
Sandaime - Chapter 2, Mission 6
Shizune - Chapter 3, Mission 11
Temari - Chapter 2, Mission 7
Tsunade - Chapter 3, Mission 11
Uchiha Itachi - Chapter 3, Mission 9
Yakushi Kabuto - Chapter 3, Mission 10