Desert Storm 2 PS2 | Conflict Cheat

As you know this game tells the war of Baghdad and Iraq which lasted quite a long time, there are some cheat ps2 conflict desert game Strom II to facilitate missions such as adding war ammunition to fight the enemy

Conflict Cheat Desert Storm 2 PS2

How to Activate Cheat
Enter the code below in the Main Menu section

L1, L1, R1, R1, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Round, Round, then Select. then enter navigation, then cheat menu if it will successfully appear.

Desert Storm 2 PS2 Tips and Tricks

Blow up the SCUD launcher
To blow up the SCUD launcher without C4 waisting you lie in front of the SCUD launcher and get the grenade out and wait until the new reach the red zone and throw it under and watch the explosion.

Extreme Mode
To unlock extreme game difficulties, defeat the game on Hard difficulty.

Destroy armoured vehicles or tanks
Use Jones to run up to a car or tank. Lay an anti-tank mine next to it, in turn sacrificing Temporary jones to take the vehicle or container.

Use Jones to run close to the tank, then plant C4 a. Throw a smoke grenade at the tank, run it for the nearest cover, then blow it up.

Have one of your team members run by the tank to distract it. Then, move to the tank, C4 plant, and blow it up (risk your life). You can cure him with other team members.

Tanks were weak at the following locations: behind them, in front, between armour above the track, and where the gun barrel filled the tower.

Healing teammates falls
If one of your teammates falls to the ground, throws a smoke grenade nearby. Then, get your health package out and cure it.