Captain Tsubasa PS2 cheat

Captain Tsubasa PS2 cheat | For those of you who like to play ball games, especially those who have their skills this time, will share the Complete Hyper Kick, played by Tsubasa PS2. Press the key combination according to the instructions correctly to succeed

How to Enter a Skill (Hyper)

when the circles appear in the lower corner, 
enter the moves. examples include it as shown below

Captain Tsubasa PS2 Cheat Hyper Kick: All Players Strong Kick: Triangle, Round, X Volleyball Kick: Round, X, KickTriangleAbove Head: Triangle, Triangle, XKick Hyper: Dia Straight Kick: X, Triangle, Banana KickTriangle: X, Box, Zenten KickTriangle: Box, Triangle, Round

Kick Hyper: Hyuga 

Tiger Kick Neo: Triangle, X,Tiger KickTriangle
Above Head: X, Triangle, X 
Straight Tiger Kick: Triangle, Square, X 
Tiger Kick: X, X Triangle cheat 
kick Hyper: Matsuyama 
kick Eagle: Triangle, X, X
kick Hyper: Napoleon
Cannon Kick: Box, Triangle, Round
Hyper Kick: Nitta
Hayabusha Kick: X, X, Triangle 
Hayabusha Volley Kick: X, Round, Triangle
Hyper Kick: Pierre
Gleser Kick: Box, X, Round
Hyper Kick: Schneider
Fire Kick: X, Triangle, 
Hyper Kick Box (Not Fire): Triangle, X, Round
Hyper Kick: Souda
Kick Kamisori: Box, Round, Triangle 
Kick Rotates Kamisori: Round, Box, X
Hyper Kick: Tsubasa
Kick Straight Above Head: X, Triangle, Triangle 
Straight Kick: X, Triangle, X 
Phoenix Straight Kick: Triangle, X, Triangle

Captain Tsubasa PS2 Tips and Tricks

Keepers or goalkeepers usually have a hard time catching a ball that has strength above 3000. Here are tips for your keeper to issue a HYPER that can help the keeper fend off to keep the goal from kicks that have strengths above 3000
When the enemy kicks, surely you are shown three circles of
pressed joystick buttons (whether X or Triangle or Circle or Square). 
At that time the three circle columns will be filled 
(eg Square, Square, Triangle). Then turn your keeper to fill in the 
3 Circle Columns to determine whether the ball will enter the goal or 
not Then you also fill (Square, Square, Triangle. 
HYPER will occur and the Keeper will issue his moves
Then … what if the 3 circular columns are only filled with 2 columns?
"Fill in the blank part is up to you but do not leave it
blank because there is no profit, the alias will not work. 
if you are lucky or on target enter it, then HYPER will 
occur and the Keeper will issue his moves"