Complete Black PS2 Cheat Indonesian

For you lovers of Black games this time  will share the Black code/password with the Playstation 2 platform input this cheat so that the game becomes easy, for those who have finished the weapon must be silver all cool right

How to activate the cheat

 First, click the option, select a profile,
 then select new, then enter the code

Black PS2 cheat

1. BFG Code
Enter the code below to be able to access BFG

2. City streets level code – open BFG (M249 Machine Gun)
Please also input the symbol when entering the black ps2 code/cheat( next to the symbol! upside down) after entering the code and pressing “Done” you can just enter the name you want as the profile. Here’s how to get your code accepted. 
When starting the first level, you will get an M249 machine gun besides ordinary weapons. 


Open BFG Gun
For Level
City Street

3. Open BFG for Veblensk City
Enter 4SUD-A2DX-8EBU-KFFX to be the name on your profile